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Canadians deserve a new level of luxury fashion. They aren’t getting it in today’s industry. They are getting a pale modern imitation of an ancient art with centuries of history. Today when you buy cashmere, you’re expecting some of the softest material on the market—but it’s a lie, because what you’re buying is not true cashmere at all.


It’s not a real Bordeaux when it’s not from Bordeaux. It’s not true cognac when it’s not from Cognac. And it’s not the rich, irresistible comfort of cashmere unless it’s from Kashmir—the birthplace of luxury, the land of kings. Here, pashmina artists have been hand spinning the finest fashion for a thousand years. It’s an art brought here on the ancient Silk Road, the world’s original luxury market. And now Enyaz is building a New Silk Road for a new millenium, starting with Kashmiri craftsmanship and ending in the hands of an elite who deserve exquisite softness.


With the highest thread counts on the market made with care by Kashmiri artists, Enyaz is authenticity made manifest: cashmere the way the gods intended it. Enyaz is the seed of a thousand years of craftsmanship and character, shaped by artisans whose skill has been honed for generations. And Enyaz is keeping this ancient craft alive for a new generation to enjoy. There is nothing else like it and there never will be. There is only one Kashmir, and there is only one cashmere—with Enyaz, you feel the real.

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